Extract the content of the .zip file to the Cinema 4D plugins folder.

Install Cinema4D Addon
On macOS: /Applications/MAXON/[CINEMA 4D version]/plugins
C4D Addon 04
On Windows: C:\Program Files\MAXON\[CINEMA 4D version]\plugins


After installation a new Py-Previz menu item will appear under the Plugins tab.

C4D Addon 02
  1. Click it to display the Previz panel.
  2. Paste a token created from the Previz web app. The button Get a token will open a new browser window to that page
Install Cinema4D Addon Window


  • Select the team with the Team dropdown
  • Select the project with the Project  dropdown. Alternatively, a new project can be created by typing its name in the first text field then clicking the New project button
  • Select the scene with the Scene dropdown. Alternatively, a new scene can be created by typing its name in the second text field then clicking the New scene button
  • Refresh fetch the latest teams / projects / scenes
  • Export to file export the scene to a JSON file be imported in the Previz Web app
  • Publish to Previz directly export the current C4D scene to the selected Team / Project / Scene

Preparing Your Scene

Now that the Previz addon is enabled read how to prepare your scene for upload.


1.0.0 #

Released on Jan 9, 2017

  • First release

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