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Upload your scenic data and share with unlimited guests for review and approval. Guests can interact with your scene directly in their browser in real-time.

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Physically based rendering

Physically based rendering (PBR) refers to the concept of using realistic shading/lighting models along with measured surface values to accurately represent real-world materials.

The Previz viewer supports this workflow including the following attributes: Base color, Metalness, Specularity, Roughness/Glossiness, Normal/Bump, Ambient occlusion, Transparency, Emission, and Face culling.


Dynamic Lighting

Realistic lighting is an essential aspect of 3D design. A well lit project significantly enhances the atmosphere of your scene.

Previz supports both image-based lighting as well as dynamic lights (Directional, hemispheric, point or spot lights). These can be configured and edited directly in the viewer.



Add movement to your 3d scenes including props, screens and characters. Previz supports animations in the glTF format including multiple animations per file.

The viewer supports the following types of animation: Keyframe (translation, rotation, scale), Shape keys and Armatures / skinning.

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Share Preview Links

Share your Previz scenes conveniently with team members and clients. Obtain precise feedback and faster approval via secure, password protected links.



3D scenes and video content can be embedded directly into your pitches, presentations, websites, e-commerce platform or online product demos.

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"3D video pre-visualization is essential for clear communication regarding scenic media. It’s powerful enough for advanced users to collaborate and advance their creative. There’s nothing else like it."

Laura Frank , Screens Producer
Kate dawkins

"As a Designer and Creative Director, Previz enabled me to design in a more informed way. In the past we have always designed flat, but using Previz we were able to look at how the content will work directly on the model."

Kate Dawkins , Kate Dawkins Studio
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