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Sequencing Content on a Timeline

Once you are in your project you'll have access to the Sequencer workspace. Select the Sequencer panel to open the track and the content panel.

Sequencing Content

A project can contain multiple scenes and tracks. Tracks are comprised of modules stacked in layers to composite media.

Add Content to the Timeline #

Select and drag an asset from the content panel to the track layer. The module will automatically resize to match the clip length.

Sequencing Content

Edit Module #

Select the module to adjust the start / end times as well as the duration.

Sequencing Content Edit Module

Set the Mapping #

Apply content to screen by selecting a mapping uploaded from Blender or Cinema 4D.

Sequencing Content Set Mapping

Deleting a Timeline Module #

To delete a timeline module select it in the timeline layer and then click the red trash icon in the edit module panel.

Sequencing Content Delete Module

Replacing an Asset in the Timeline #

To replace an asset select it in your timeline to open the edit module panel. Once open you can click the asset thumbnail or the replace asset button.

Sequencing Content Replace Asset
Layer Opacity Zooming the Timeline