Preparing Scenes for Upload

glTF File Format

The Previz platform is optimised to use the glTF (GL Transmission Format) 3d file format.

glTF reduces the size of 3D models and the runtime processing needed to unpack and render those models.

glTF Feature Support

The Previz platform supports the following glTF 2.0 features:

  • Meshes
  • Materials (Principled BSDF) and Shadeless (Unlit)Textures
  • Cameras
  • Punctual lights (point, spot, and directional)
  • Animation (keyframe, shape key, and skinning)

Checklist before exporting to Previz

  • Make sure geometries from CAD / LIDAR files have:
    • No orphan vertices
    • Only manifold objects
    • No inner faces
  • Objects are logically regrouped into single meshes
  • Each mesh has an unique name
  • UV sets are properly named:
    • Mapping unique to a single mesh have an unique name
    • Mappings shared between several meshes have the exact same name
  • A nice props look is baked into a texture

After checking these points, the scene is ready to be exported to Previz.