Upload your scenic data and share with unlimited guests for review and approval. Guests can interact with your scene directly in their browser.

Scenes are a way to present set designs and geometry. Each scene file can contain data such as objects and materials as well as lights and cameras. These scenes first need to be created in your 3D program of choice.

General Considerations

  • We support .glb files (.glb is the binary version of the glTF 2.0 file format).
  • Your GLB must be under 20MB in total. The smaller the better.
  • Strip out unused data whenever possible. Unused vertex colors, UV's, etc. all add to the file size.
  • Use PNG or JPEG files for textures.
  • Use JPEG files unless you need transparency. This will make your files much smaller.
  • Textures must be power-of-2 in each dimension (512x1024 for example).
  • Textures can be up to 4k, but try to keep them under 2k.
  • Once you have a .glb file, you can just drag it into the content area, pick a background color and share it.

Reference Links

Concierge Service

If you need help converting your model including point clouds, CAD models or laser scans consider using our concierge service. Previz has backed by a team of event professionals with more than a decade of experience working in the live events sector. Supported by a team of 3D artists and developers, we can create your Previz project for you, including optimizing your model, creating content templates and training your team. Please contact for more information.