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Pixel Maps

Pixel maps apply a pixellated effect to content that is mapped to your screens. This can be helpful to simulate the lower resolution effect result of using LED screens.

Pixel maps can be set in the pixel maps tab in the scene config workspace.

You can:

  • upload or select the pixel map to apply
  • set whether the pixel should be transparent or opaque
  • set the pixel count in rows and columns based on the pixel density of your screen
Pixel Map Original

Selecting a Pixel Map #

To select a pixel maps click assign in the Pixel Map tab next to the mesh you wish to apply it to.

Click the grid view icon to preview the pixel maps available.

You'll then be presented with a series of pre-defined pixel maps to choose from with a range of pixel sizes, shapes and glow or sharp options.

To choose a pixel map click on the thumbnail to assign it to your mesh.

Pixel Map Selection

Configuring the Pixel Map #

Now that you've assigned the pixel map you wish to use you can configure it to match your screen setup.

You can choose whether the pixel should be transparent or opaque.

Then you need to set the number of pixels in rows and columns to match the density of your screen.

Pixel Map Applied
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