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Default Maps

Default maps are set in the Scene Config workspace and are used to set the default look of your props and screens when you have no textures mapped. These textures can be set in the Default Maps tab.

Inside this tab are a series of meshes as set out in your model.

You can then:

  • upload select the texture to apply
  • select the mapping
  • set the mapping opacity
Default Maps Start

Uploading a Texture #

To upload a texture for your default map click the assign button. This will open the upload content modal.

Default Map Assign

Click upload to select and upload a local file. You also have the option to upload from dropbox by clicking the dropdown arrow in the upload button.

Default Map Upload

Once you've completed this for each of your meshes in your scene these default maps will now be set across all tracks in your scene.

Default Map Original
Tracks Alpha Maps