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Bookmarks are a helpful way to store camera positions in the viewer. This is useful to showcase different viewpoints of your project.

Scene Config Bookmarks 01
Scene Config View and Bookmark Editor
Scene Config Bookmark Editor
Bookmark Editor

Adding Bookmarks #

Adding bookmarks is done through the Scene Config workspace.

In the Bookmark Editor reposition the camera in the viewer by clicking and dragging. Set the zoom level by scrolling with your mouse or trackpad or pinch to zoom if you are on a touch device.

Once you are happy with the camera position click the "Add Bookmark" button.

Reordering Bookmarks #

Bookmarks can be reordered using the drag handles next to the Bookmark labels.

Renaming Bookmarks #

To rename a bookmark click the Bookmark Label to edit.

Deleting Bookmarks #

To delete a bookmark click the red delete icon next to the Bookmark Label.

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