Invite to Project

Some people in your team – like contractors, interns or clients – may only need access to certain projects. Team owners and admins can invite these people as collaborators to specific projects.

Collaborators are users you invite to a specific project(s) on your Team. They will not have access to, or have any visibility into other projects on your team unless you add them to other projects.

They cannot share any files or assets from the Project externally.

Note: Collaborators can only be added on the Pro and Studio plans. See our Pricing page for details on upgrading your team. Free plans are limited to one team member. Sharing items with guests is completely free.

Inviting users to a project

When you add users directly to a project they will receive an email notification and will be able to join the project right away — the invite will be active for 30 days.

Invited collaborators will also appear on the list of Active Users which can be viewed in a project in the Members & Access tab.

Adding Project Collaborators

  1. In the team sidebar select your team by clicking the team name.
  2. Navigate to a project
  3. In a project in the main navigation select the "Members & Access" tab.
  4. Click the "Invite to Project" button.
  5. Enter the user's email address.
  6. Click "Invite".
Previz - Project Access
Project Access

Adding team members on the Pro & Studio plans

The team size is chosen when you create your team. The default size is 3 team members on the Pro plan and 10 team members on the Studio plan. New members can be invited at any point during your subscription period.

  • Team size is the number of paid seats in your subscription.
  • A team member is a user with full editing rights who takes a paid seat.
  • Users who were invited to a project with editing rights are automatically considered to be team members.
  • A vacant seat is considered to be taken when you send out the invitation.

Note: the cost of the new seats is prorated for the time remaining in your current subscription period (accurate up to a day), so your renewal dates for new seats will always coincide with your existing seats. If you have vacant seats during your subscription period and add a new member - no charge is applied.