Member Roles

There are several role and member types in Previz. These roles have been designed so that you can build your team to reflect your internal structure and external review system as closely as possible.


Owners and admin users can access all projects as well as high-level administrative features like billing, team and project access, and more. There can only be one primary owner of a team, but this role can be transferred to another member.

Team Members:

Team Members are users that are invited to join your team. They will have access to all the projects for your team.

They can create new projects and can invite collaborators to projects on your team.

Team Members can also share files and assets for review.

Think of these users as those who are on your internal team, or users who will always be working on your team's projects. They are typically your trusted work colleagues.


Collaborators are users you invite to a specific project(s) on your Team. They will not have access to, or have any visibility into other projects on your team unless you add them to other projects.

They cannot share any files or assets from the Project.

Typically, Collaborators are vendors or external contributors you work with on certain projects. Another way to think of Collaborators is that they are users whose access you want to be able to control.

Tip: If specific users only need to view assets (including scenes and sequences) consider sending them a Share Link rather than adding them as a Collaborator to the project. Review links are ideal for external clients.

Note: A seat refers to both Collaborators and Team Members. Every Collaborator or Team Member you invite requires a paid seat.

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