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Installing the Blender Addon

Installation #

In Blender navigate to File > User Preferences.

In the Blender User Preferences window click the Add-ons tab.

Now click Install from File... and select the install file you downloaded (.zip) to install it.

Blender Addon 01
Select File > User preferences…
Blender Addon 02
Then Addons > Install from file…

Connect to Previz #

Follow these steps to connect the Blender integration to your Previz account.

  1. Make sure the API endpoint is
  2. Create a new API key in the API tab on your account in the Previz web app.
  3. Paste the API key
  4. Don't forget to click Save user settings
Blender Addon 03

Next Steps #

Your addon is now connected and activated. After installation a new Previz section will appear under the Properties > Scene tab. From there the team, project and scene can be selected. When ready, scenes are exported and uploaded to the Previz web app at the push of the Update Previz scene button.

Blender Addon 04

Preparing Your Scene #

Now that the Previz addon is enabled read how to prepare your scene for upload.

Obtaining Your API Key Installing the Cinema 4D Addon