Previz 3.5.0 #

Released on Nov 26, 2018


  • This is a super small but sweet release. We've upped the member limit for Free plans from 1 user to 3. Previz works best when you're working together. With this change you'll be able to invite more people to your teams even quicker. We've got lots more planned to help introduce Previz into your teams and workflows that we're excited about - they'll be rolling out incrementally over the next few months so keep an eye out!

Previz 3.4.5 #

Released on Nov 22, 2018


  • Fixed a bug in the team > upgrade tab that was causing the feature comparison grid to look all kinds of messed up. It was the result of an element query bug that was causing the mobile display version to take precedence on larger screens. We've given it a quick talking to and it's back in shape now.

Previz 3.4.4 #

Released on Nov 21, 2018


  • We've added a simple in-project onboarding banner to walk new users through a project. It'll show up above the main nav, and is accessible from the [?] in the main nav.


  • Fixed a bug that was throwing an error when users tried to create additional teams while they were logged into multiple other active teams. You're able to create as many teams as you might want again now!
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent a scene from loading the second time you visited a project within the same session, caused by an over eager caching mechanisms stepping on each others' toes. We've updated it so the scene graph is nicely flushed and reset on each project loading event. It's just as quick and also means that the project is loaded from a properly clean state each time.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented navigating to the Sequencer workspace direct from the Viewer if you've not already interacted with the Viewer for the first time.
  • Updated how the project viewer canvas element watches for resize events - previously we used a general watcher on the size of the browser windows, but now we're using a more specific element resize observer which let's us watch for specific dom element sizes. Much neater.

Previz 3.4.3 #

Released on Nov 14, 2018


  • We've updated how project thumbnails are handled. Now after being set within any project, the updated cover will immediately reflect the new cover throughout the client views, without having to wait for a refresh.
  • We've also added a nice little progress indicator on the settings cog that shows activity happening in the background while a new thumbnail is being processed. Look out for the cute little spinning cog icon in the play bar.


  • Fixed a related bug in the project thumbnail caching, related to the secure url caching we introduced in an earlier release. Even when the thumbnail was properly being set, we weren't fully flushing and re-populating the caches, so the old thumbnail would have a tendency to be visible for up to a 12 hour period, depending on your your local network's caches. That's unexpected and wrong. Fixed in this release.

Previz 3.4.2 #

Released on Nov 13, 2018


  • There was a bug that affected some versions of Chrome that would prevent the content library modal from showing in some views. The content library modal is used to select the asset used for different mappings, or default textures, so that's a bit of an annoying bug. We've updated the base modal library which fixes the problem.

Previz 3.4.1 #

Released on Nov 7, 2018


  • There's a bug how Blender handles long api token values. We're working on the next release of the Blender integration to fix this, but in the mean time we've updated the api token generation on the client side to use the legacy format tokens when used with Blender.
  • Fixed a bug where public share pages wouldn't properly re-enable after being created then disabled in a short window of time. They worked properly if you left the publish page and revisited to re-enable, just not if you disabled, then immediately re-enabled. They're back to behaving properly now.

Previz 3.4.0 #

Released on Nov 5, 2018

🎉3.4 is a big update for Previz. Nearly every part of the front and backend systems have been updated, and if we’ve done everything right, you shouldn’t even notice the change.

In the 3.4 release we’ve updated the entire backend authentication system, updated our build, packaging and release system, and added an entirely new layer of caching and data persistence. All at the same time, we've done a full top to bottom review and update of basically every part of the system.

Long story short - it’s more secure, faster to use, and more flexible.

This release is big. Too big for a measly change log set of bullet points to encapsulate. "How big?" I hear you cry. Well - this release changed 2,561 files, with 67,435 individual changes. Wow.


  • We've got an entirely new authentication backend. Normal users won't see anything different, with the only visible change is that the api token formats look a little different now.
  • The new auth backend exposes a full OAuth authentication flow - especially for third party integration developers you can now use this to generate access and refresh tokens for your integrations. This will be the officially recommended way of integrating into Previz - the documentation and developer updates for this are coming soon. In the mean time, all older format tokens still work as before, but with a 1 year grace period lifetime. After that time users will either need to re-authorise your integration or generate a new access token. Don't worry, we'll be prompting users with expiring access keys ahead of their expiries with plenty of time
  • There's a big shiny, and brand new application cache and persistence layer. This keeps the most commonly used data used in Previz right and ready at the surface for far faster and nicer first run experience. Right now we've only enabled some very high level caches as we let the system settle, but we'll be turning the dials all the way up to 11 in future updates - we're excited on some of the new fully offline behaviours we'll be able to use this for.
  • Incremental loading is here - this one's especially for the heavy Previz users. Blink and you'll miss it, this feature is almost invisible unless you know where to look, but allows the backend to now incrementally load data heavy objects just in time for usage. This means Previz is get's to a usable and ready to go state, faster than ever before.

There's way more changes than this in the 3.4 release. Too many to effectively list if we're honest. We know you're going to love it.

Previz 3.3.0 #

Released on Oct 23, 2018


  • The 3.3.0 release changes how we store assets on the backend. We've upgraded our storage mechanism and retrieval, and pulled a group of assets for legacy projects into our new storage.
  • This release also cleans up how we store and restore assets for archived (and then unarchived) projects. It generally keeps things a lot neater and self contained.
  • We've also found a few super legacy projects (as in projects from the original beta test period) that had missing asset records. We've dug the associated files out and everything is running super smooth again. We even gave them a quick dust off while we were at it (actually we re-transcoded them against our latest image and video targets, but that doesn't sound as cool)

Previz 3.2.9 #

Released on Oct 18, 2018


  • In the content area, if you're on a free plan, we show a prompt to upgrade to one of the paid plans if you upload and try to use video content. In that prompt the link to the upgrade page for the account was broken. Doh! Fixed now of course.

Previz 3.2.8 #

Released on Sep 20, 2018


  • Fixed a bug where fetching user messages and notifications would thrown an error on some versions of Chrome because of a weird race condition. We try to fetch the messages pretty early on during the system loading, and it wasn't liking that if you had a large set of messages. We've refactored now so it's safer (albeit a little delayed).
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