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Mar 23rd 2020

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Written by Joel Bradbury

Previz 1.0 released in October 2017.

Since then it's been constantly evolving and it's been used by teams and brands worldwide for some amazing projects.

We've been constantly making improvements, tweaks, and feature updates. Today we're lifting the lid on what we've been secretly working on for the last 9 months.

Before we get down into the nitty gritty - here's a quick bit of history:

  • 2016 : Previz 0.5 : The very first internal version of Previz, although it's hardly recognisable now. It was basically just the viewer concept and used as an internal tool within the D+B team.
  • 2017 : Previz 1.0 : The first public version of Previz
  • 2018 : Previz 2.0 : We rebuilt a shiny new viewer with some amazingly clever tech powering things. The viewer became 200% smarter overnight.
  • Early 2019 : Previz 3.0 : We put in real attention to everything around the viewer - adding folders, extended permissions, sharing, and a whole bunch of UI and flow improvements

Which brings us to today - Previz 4.0!

🔥 Re-imagined. flexible, powerful

At it's core - 4.0 is what we wanted to Previz 1.0 to be, we just didn't really know it yet.

From the first sketch Niall did - we knew the core of the usage would be around previewing content - so that's what we built out and up from - the viewer was the very core of the experience.

Now, nearly 4 years later and 12 thousand commits later, we've got a far better idea of how teams actually need to work.

4.0 keeps the viewer, but it's no longer the single forced focus of a project. We've renamed things, reworked, re-massaged (is that a word?) user flows and now we're just about ready to share things with the world.

We'll be sharing 4.0 specifics - how it's changing, and the path we took to get there in more posts, but for now we just needed to start sharing what we've been working on so...

Introducing the Dev Journal

This is the dev journal - it's our attempt to share more openly what we've been doing.

Internally we follow and love how other small dev teams are open about what they're working on, what they've struggled with, and even what mistakes and dead-ends they've faced.

As we near the period where we're opening up 4.0 to the world, we're making a big effort to share our experiences too.

This journal will cover the general ups and downs of building such a complex app as Previz, specific design challenges we've faced (and maybe not even solved), what we're working on right now, and the path to 4.0 and beyond.

We're excited to show you the future!

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