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Apr 14th 2020

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Written by Niall Thompson

Good, clear documentation is key to getting started on any new platform. The all-new Previz guide features a new series of tutorials, full documentation and screencasts. All of these resources can now be accessed at our new Guide.


The documentation has been written from scratch to support the latest version of Previz. The docs are an in-depth guide to getting started with Previz including technical references, glossaries and account management.

The documentation now features a live search function so you can search directly for what you are looking for. Each entry includes a step by step process for each feature and function within the Previz platform. We also include preview images as well.


In the next few months we will be adding new tutorials to help you discover the award-winning Previz platform. Featuring examples, follow-along projects, and bite-sized tutorials. Our first tutorial, Preparing Your Scene, walks you through the best way to prepare a scene for Previz as well as a checklist for exporting scenes.


We will also be releasing a series of screencasts showcasing the Previz platform. These will range from simple getting started overviews to more complex walkthroughs where we demonstrate the more advanced features of the software.

Our Screencasts team is made up of a variety of 3d artists, animators, developers, event professionals and creative directors.


Our community section is also live! This is where you will find all the details to connect with other Previz users, including the development team, workflow specialists and Previz studios. You'll find us on Twitter, Instagram and sometimes Facebook.

Reach out! We would love to hear from you.

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