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Post Zero

Jan 03, 2018

Written by Joel Bradbury

This is post zero. The glorious start of the Previz development blog.

Until now we’ve been too deeply involved in building Previz to actually stop and write about building Previz. No More! Time has been allotted. Milestones have been blanked out. This dev blog will get written.


Previz is a very focused (and niche) product. Boiling it all down, we deal with displaying 3D scenes in a WebGL context, and as part of that, is made up of a thousand (razor sharp) edge cases. In finding the product with we’ve had innumerous technical breakthroughs, unexpected revelations and inevitable dead ends.

At the very core, the Previz development team is made up of 4 people.

We all work remote, and between us our core competencies overlap and compliment just enough that we can build this working web app, form a Barbershop Quartet, and are only 7 men short of a regulation size cricket team.

The (naturally non-loquacious) writer of this post-zero is Joel.

Generally, it’s my neck on the line when things break. Nominally - together with Niall, I break down grand sweeping directions of what we want Previz to be, into how we make it into that, and then define dev milestones, smaller and smaller tasks and basically anything to delay actually building things.

I also get the privilege of writing release notes, reviewing every line of code, and writing these damn blog posts.

Stephen is a recovering Welshman, follically challenged, true believer in unit testing, king of all things php, and first world itinerant (he only travels to places with 3-ply toilet paper).

Charles is our resident Frenchman, (proper) itinerant, expert in everything 3D, javascript lover, and roller blade enthusiast. I have yet to see him with a baguette.