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Case Study

Fast & Furious Live - World Tour

​Cars, explosions and death defying stunts!

What’s not to love about the wildly successful film franchise, the Fast and Furious? After two years of careful planning and preparation, the franchise’s most iconic scenes are recreated in-front of a live audience in stadiums around the world for Fast & Furious Live.  An epic global arena show, live action seamlessly blends with projection mapped content as the action literally bursts from the screen and onto the stage.

Previz was used by the content team during pre-production to help inform the creative process. The entire show was planned and sequenced in advance and then used during team meetings and presentations with the client and Universal Studios.

Within Previz it's easy to separate between your internal and external workflow so throughout your project you can decide what to share with your client and when.

The team utilized Previz throughout the nine month production using it to test audience viewpoints, different scenic configurations and to see how content would look on the various mappings.

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Projection Mapping In Previz

The projection mapping, a key factor of this show, allowed the creative team to create ever-changing environments from a neon-lit downtown Tokyo to a street scene at night in Miami. These living sequences interact directly with the live action and stunts to create a dynamic, fast paced and awe-inspiring show.

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Miami Scene
Fuel Tanker Pre Vis 001 B0002
Fuel Tanker Scene

Being able to test the scenes in Previz helped dramatically. When you are working with large resolutions where content needs to sync between multiple surfaces and live action Previz was absolutely invaluable to our process.

Oli Soto, Senior Animator

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Press shots from the world premiere
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Press shots from the world premiere

The Team Behind the Creative Vision and Execution

Kate Dawkins Studio - already with a great pedigree for creating content for spectacular live shows, was responsible for the creative direction and art direction, laying out the vision for the shows projection content which heavily referenced the films, but took on a more stylised, graphical, game aesthetic for this show environment.

dandelion + burdock, mapping specialists and long time collaborators with Kate Dawkins Studio, managed the complex and creative challenge of devising the projection content and 3D animation.

The London Premiere

The show, with an opening appearance from Fast & Furious star Vin Diesel premiered at London’s O2 arena to a packed house, before heading off around Europe and beyond over the next five years.

Tickets for the show can be purchased here.

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