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The Previz public beta is here!

Aug 14, 2017

Written by Joel Bradbury

After nearly 18 months of work, we're very excited to unveil the Previz 2.0 beta.

This is a massive update. We've reworked almost every part of Previz, given it a major redesign, and updated nearly every line of code in the process.

If you've been part of the private previews, or have been following along in the Slack group, you already know about the many new features. For everyone else, here are the highlights:

  • Brand New Dashboard, for managing projects, team access and settings
  • Better mobile support, both in-app and for project management
  • Updated Plugins, for smoother integration between Previz and the most popular 3D modelling desktop applications

If you're already part of the private beta, you already have access to the latest features; just log in to see the updates.