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Previz 1.4.0 is here

May 01, 2017

Written by Joel Bradbury

The focus of 1.4 has been all around assets - a new backend handling for video media, a totally revamped UI, and rolling out our new sandboxed storage handling for teams and projects.

A New Video Transcoding Pipeline

Working with massive video files has always a pain. During production you need a way to share and preview versions quickly between your team.

Previz 1.4 introduces our new video asset transcoding pipeline.

Our new compression and transcoding features reduce heavy video assets on average by a 50%. The pipeline optimises your project assets for the best output on the web, and within the 3D viewer - adjusting bitrates, dimensions and more on the fly.

Per-Team Storage Sandboxing

Security and protecting your assets is critical. You need to know that when you share a project with Previz, you and your client’s information is safe.

With the 1.4 release we now have per-team storage sandboxing.

What does that mean in practice? It means your team’s assets are never stored along side any other team’s assets, they’re completely locked off into separate buckets.

Individual team members only ever have access and permissions against their own team’s bucket.

Per-team storage sandboxing is just one of the many security focused features we’ve built into Previz, along side full access auditing, encrypted backups, secure and private api access and more.

A New Asset UI

Tying together the new transcoding pipeline and sandboxed storage is our brand new and shiny asset UI.

We’ve completely rethought how the asset UI should look and work, and 1.4 releases this to the world. We’ve been working on this for a while, and we think it’s a major improvement.

The new UI brings more flexibility, better use of space, speed and performance improvements, and room to grow.

We’re not stopping here - in the next releases we’ll build in this new asset UI base with even more power features like asset grouping and filtering. 

Sequencing Content

Lots More

These are only the top 3 features in the 1.4 release - there’s lots more changes under the hood too, from new permissions and role options for members and guests, performance improvements on the 3D viewer, new email handling systems, audit logs and everything inbetween.

We’re working on and with Previz every day, have any feedback, feature requests or just to ask for a demo email to, we’d love to hear from you.