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Case Study

Little Mix Glory Days

Content production company dandelion + burdock have been working with Little Mix, one of the world's most successful girl bands, for the last 4 years. The Glory Days Tour is the fourth concert tour by the British girl group, in support of their fourth studio album, Glory Days.

This time around they used Previz during pre-production.

Head of Content at dandelion + burdock, Dickon Knowles outlined why Previz was so useful on the project.

We had an incredibly tight turnaround so using Previz meant we could sequence all of the tracks in advance. Coupled with the fact that the screen was massive and used many layering techniques Previz helped dramatically with obtaining sign off. It was also critical for understanding how the content worked at a large scale both in terms of speed and relative size.


The entire production was laid out in Previz for each of the 17 tracks for the show. This allowed the animation team to previsualize what the content would look like in advance which helped make creative assessments quickly and efficiently.

During pre-production the team could choose select tracks to share with the client for review. This was helpful for obtaining approval quickly which helped the content team who were working to a strict deadline.

Precise & Effective Feedback

Feedback from the client was precise so it allowed the creatives to make changes efficiently.

With days to go before opening night Previz was also used during the rehearsal process on site as a reference tool for the rest of the production team.

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Little Mix Sequencer
Sequencing tracks in Previz
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