Case Study

Land Rover Launch the Velar with Previz

The Design Museum in London hosted the world premiere of the new Range Rover Velar. Designed, engineered and manufactured in the UK, the Velar is the new addition to the Range Rover family, filling the space between the Range Rover Evoque and the Range Rover Sport.

Previz: Projection Mapping

To commemorate the launch, creative agency Imagination hired the genius of Kate Dawkins and dandelion + burdock to create a spectacular projection mapping moment inside the new Design Museum.

Kate Dawkins Studio specializes in designing and delivering bespoke content for live performances, shows and brand events. Working together with dandelion + burdock they utilized Previz to plan and preview the projection mapping element of the show.

The projection mapping surface consisted of the Design Museums unique parabola ceiling.

Using Previz allows us to communicate to our clients that we are doing everything possible to create the best content we can for their particular event and physical structure. They can see what we’re looking at the angles (literally) and again assessing everything in an informed way. Plus they’re always impressed to be shown the content moving around their event space, even if just a simple single screen.

Kate Dawkins, Creative Director

L560 Launch 2017 8 7
L560 Launch 2017 8 7 1
L560 Launch 2017 8 7 2
L560 Launch 2017 8 7 3
L560 Launch 2017 8 7 4
L560 Launch 2017 8 7 5

The Main Event

You can see the event in full here.